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MZZZ Indhi

Agency Owner

I loved working with Jorge. His forward thinking with SEO and Social Media Marketing inspired me. There are good humans out there; people committed to helping businesses grow and Jorge is one of them.

Jorge Lafosse

SEO Expert

What You’ll Get During This SEO Free Strategy Call

In this section you’ll explain what will happen during the strategy call, the goal is to reassure your future client that this will be valuable for them and that it won’t just be a sales pitch. You want them to understand that this is not a waste of time.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

We will analyze you website and compare it to other competitors in you field. This way we have a clear road map of what needs to happen in order to dominate your results.

What Happens During the Call

Before presenting you with the results of our findings we will first deep dive into your company. We will ask questions and gather data in order to asses the situation and how we can best help you achieve results. 

What Changes After the Call

Once we have analyze your industry and business model we can present you with the best package for your business. This way you can completely understand the benefits of the our services and get back a HIGH ROI. 

About Jorge Lafosse SEO

Although he has multiple international online businesses ranking for thousands of words that bring in large amounts of revenue, he also aids the local community by growing local businesses one website at a time.  

Why We Recommend Having a Free SEO Strategy Call

We can easily rank national businesses in less than 6 months, imagine what we can do for a local one. During the call we can analyze your website against your competition in order to see why you are not ranking and also how much revenue it is being lost against them.  At the end of the call we can asses how much it would take to rank and how much revenue this would be bringing into your business. We are not a small time player and our results speak for themselves. Game ON!


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Nicholas Teo

Digital Marketer

Amazing SEO skills , happy to recommend to any business owner in need for a Google bump!

fort lauderdale seo professional
Jun kim


Jorge Lafosse is far above the rest! He has shown that he’s on top of the market by analyzing the upcoming new trends, experimenting with new processes to keep higher results and always keeping his customers' best interest in mind.

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issac jeong


Jorge is definitely the go-to person to get the results you need for your business in terms of dominating Google search results!

What is SEO?

Are you wondering what SEO is? You’ve heard the term many times and you might have a vague idea about it, but now you’re ready to fill in the gaps so you fully understand the concepts behind the process.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It doesn’t need to be anything to be afraid of or intimidated by. Instead, once you start to understand the basics, you’ll find that it’s a step-by-step process. The more you learn about it, the more you’re able to see better results from your search rankings.

As your SEO knowledge grows, you might decide to continue working on your website’s search engine rankings by yourself or you might see the need to outsource to a professional SEO company that will help you keep track of the process for you.

Either way, make a commitment to yourself that you will take the time necessary to learn what you can and to implement what you learn on your website as you go. One of the interesting aspects to SEO is that small improvements made steadily over time will usually result in big website traffic results.

It’s true that this process can become complicated. The key when you’re starting out is to keep it as simple as possible. According to Neil Patel, you can take a minimalist approach to SEO via six easy steps.

With that in mind, let’s review what SEO is all about. We’ll start simply and then add in more detail to your education as we proceed.

How does SEO Work in Fort Lauderdale

How Does SEO it Work?

Search engine optimization is a process where you optimize areas of your website in order to achieve rankings in the organic section of a search engine, such as Google or Bing.

In essence, this work is all about making the search engines see your site as an attractive option when it comes to ranking for keyword searches that relate to your site’s topic.

One basic rule of thumb to remember is that Google wants to deliver the best content to its users. While you work on the technical aspects of SEO, such as writing appropriate meta tags, make sure that you focus on delivering outstanding content at all times. According to Search Engine Journal, there are nine things you can do to make sure your content is outstanding.

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

  • Is a website secure (HTTP vs HTTPS)?
  • Does a site load fast enough?
  • Does each page include quality content?
  • Do quality websites link back to the site?
  • Is the website mobile-friendly?
  • Is search intent done properly?

How do Local Fort Lauderdale Businesses do SEO?


Get a Google My Business page up.


Make sure NAP (name, address, phone number) is listed consistently across online directories.


Obtain true & accurate customer reviews


Optimize landing pages with local-based keywords


Develop a quality linking plan


Optimize search engine snippets

How Much is SEO Going to Cost Me?

Well, it all depends...

SEO is not bought as product it is bought as in investment for your company. An investment that will give you and ROI far more that what you expect. It actually generates more profit and revenue that the investment cost becomes zero.

At the end of the day SEO is based on a quantity of factors that vary on how competitive an industry is. So, it is a matter of seeing if you want to an SEO rocket to success or you just want to get an old corolla with mediocre results.

The choice is yours!

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Grow Your Business!

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